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Learning Process


Children learn differently and at their own pace. We individualise our tutoring sessions to produce the best results. We can help your child catch up or even get ahead. Contact CCK Tutoring today to get started on the path to success.

Our Focus

CCK Tutoring

  • Reading Skills & Strategies Yrs K-3
  • Spelling & Writing Skills Yrs K-3
  • Reading Skills & Strategies Yrs 4-10
  • Spelling & Writing Structures Yrs 4-10
  • Early Numeracy Skills Yrs K-3
  • Numeracy Skills Yrs 4-10 
  • ​Years 11-12 Study Skills  (English/Maths)
  • NAPLAN consolidation and review

•Our tutoring staff are experienced, qualified tutors/teachers.
•CCK Tutoring delivers individualised or group tuition in a caring, friendly environment.

​About Us
CCK Tutoring, operating since 2005,  is a one on one tuition facility located in the Southern suburbs of Sydney. It caters for students who  are struggling to keep pace to those requiring extension. We provide individualised tuition in most curriculum areas and are most noted for our Literacy and Numeracy Programmes. We believe that confident kids can become clever kids and life long learners.

Our primary concern is for the students in our care. Most come to us after a full day at school which has either been unsuccessful and /or unproductive or tainted with frustration. Many of these students find operating effectively in a classroom environment very difficult. Most classroom teachers do all they can; most parents do all they can; yet for some students, extra assistance in an environment outside of school and home is a must.

At CCK Tutoring we believe that developing confidence and explicit teaching of skills can lead to success and will lead to a happier learner.