Assessment…a starting point

    • Tutoring Programs for most grades are designed after a full 60 minute Assessment is administered.

    • Assessment tools include…

  • Standardised Tests

  • Diagnostic Tests

  • Observation Tasks

    • A full written report is provided outlining results, recommendations and tuition focus.

    • Consultations with parents, teachers and other
relevant personnel are ongoing.

    • Regular assessment and feedback from school
and home determines the course of the tuition

    • Length of Programs vary. Consistent attendance directly impacts on Program length and success.


At CCK Tutoring we believe that developing confidence and explicit teaching of skills can lead to success and will lead to a happier learner.

 Individualised Tuition in

• K-6 Literacy      • K-6 Numeracy
• 7-10 English    • 7-10 Maths
• 7-12 Assignment Tasks
• 11-12 English Maths
• 7-12 Study Skills

 We provide…

• Experienced tutors
• One on one or small group sessions
• Resources and equipment
• A caring friendly environment
• Ongoing Assessments and regular feedback

CCK Tutoring


helping create Confident Clever Kids!